Old Plays

Available 2016

Stone Soup (preschool – young at heart), adapted by Peter Scott (soon also in French)

Two large puppets, a quaint cookstove and ample audience participation are the ingredients in the Puppets Elora version of the classic tale, “Stone Soup”. We love to share the message that the recipe for nourishing a community is joyful co-operation. 
Approx. 15 minutes for show, Q&A and introduction to puppetry included to adopt to your period length.

Fee: $150 without sound system (set-up time: 15 minutes)
Fee: $200 with sound system (set-up time: 45 minutes)




The Frog Prince: (K-6) Adapted by Laura Faifield
Baroque court music courtest of vent et cordes, Schwerin, Germany

Frog Prince

This witty re-telling of the familiar Brothers Grimm tale remains a perennial favorite, complete with a bouncy frog, a powerful wizard, a prince and a princess (both with lots to learn).
Approx. 25 minutes, Q&A and introduction to puppetry can be included to fill a 40 minute period.

Fee: $250, performed in our gorgeous Punch and Judy style stage. Sound system and lights are necessary and included in the price. Performed by 5 puppeteers.
Set-up time: 90 minutes
Set strike: 20 minutes



That’s not my Mommy (preschool – grade 3), adapted by Gail Brown
New 2016: Available in French

When Baby Skunk can’t find his Mommy, Butterfly offers to look for her. Following Baby’s simple descriptions, she beings back the offest assorment of creatures. Why can’t Butterfly find the right Mommy?
This preschool show introduces Canadian animals in a fun way and encourages audience participation. Children will have the oppotunity to sing along and to help Butterfly find Mommy Skunk.
Approx. 15 minutes, Q&A and introduction to puppetry included to adapt to you period length.

Fee: $150 without sound system (set-up time: 15 minutes)
Fee: $200 with sound system (set-up time: 45 minutes)


Workshops for Children:

Please inquire about options.
Learn to maipulate with hand puppets (we have two class sets)
Learn to express emotion with sock puppets (we have two class sets)
Make and take a puppet (we supply materials)

Fee: $5 per child, minimum $100
Duration: 40 minutes – 1 hour


On Vacation:


Paca and the Beetle

Paca and the Beetle


Paca is a lively rodent who lives in the Brazilian rain forest. Unfortunately,she

behaves like a bully! A friendly challenge and a kind gesture show her the rewards of friendship, community and generosity.

This new play, adapted from a South American folk tale, features colourful animal characters. The soundtrack is lively Brazilian folk and samba rhythms guaranteed to energize a young audience. Ideal for kindergarten through Grade 5, suitable for anti-bullying or friendship programs or for anyone who loves puppets and folktales. Approx. 25 minutes.

Sky Spirit

Anansi and the Golden Box of Stories

Author Adwoa Badoe, (Crabs for DinnerThe Pot of Wisdom), and former Puppets Elora member Connie Smith collaborated on this lively re-telling of a West African folktale about boastful Anansi, part spider and part man. Performed using traditional sculpted hand-puppets, with a drumming soundtrack contributed by Fule Badoe, this Anansi tale poses the question, “Who brought stories to the world?” Approx. 30 minutes.


Puppets for “The Last Dragon”, “Babushka’s Doll”, “The Selfish Giant” “Ruby on the Road” and “The First Noel” are currently resting up. If you are interested in a particular show, please inquire at bookings@puppetselora.ca about future availability.

Couple scared of dragonDragon


Selfish GiantspacerThe First Noel