Meet Puppets Elora!

Since 1995, Puppets Elora has used traditional puppetry to bring affordable live theatre to children, with dynamic and humorous plays based on folk- and fairy tales from around the world. Members design and build beautifully sculpted hand puppets, props and scenery. The skilled volunteers have backgrounds in education, community theatre and the arts.

Princess and her ball

Puppets Elora performs throughout Wellington and Dufferin County, Ontario, including Guelph and Orangeville, as well as Waterloo Region and beyond. We set up our traditional "Punch and Judy" style travelling stage at schools, multicultural festivals, libraries, museums, churches, retirement communities and heritage sites. The stage incorporates lights and amplification that can be used when needed to support our completely live performances.

New since 2014 are our quick to set up, low-tech shows "Stone Soup" and "That's Not My Mommy". We now have cordless microphones for outdoor venues.

Puppets Elora owns and operates giant puppets for parades and displays.

Book Puppets Elora for:
Live puppet shows

Sock puppet making workshops for ages 6 and up

Puppet manipulation workshop

Public Shows - 2016:

Tuesday, March 15th 
Stone Soup
2pm at Dufferin County Museum
With puppet making workshop

Wednesday, March 16th
Stone Soup
10:30am at Arthur Public Library
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Puppets Elora was founded with the support of the Elora Arts Council and remains an affiliate of that not-for-profit organization. In 2009, Puppets Elora received a Trillium Grant to finanace a new stage, lights and sound. In 2015 the Township of Centre Wellington and Wellington County provided the 20th anniversary grant to buy cordless microphones for outdoor shows. 



Puppets Elora – The Power of Pretence

In traditional puppetry the audience watches as if through a transparent 'fourth wall'; the puppets apparently independent of their manipulators.

Puppets Elora sometimes does away with its fourth wall. For example, in 'Stone Soup' the audience is cast as villagers, struggling to stretch their resources to the end of winter. When the little old lady, comes to beg for food the villagers refuse to help her. Later in the drama they contribute their vegetables to make a 'magic' soup.

Surprisingly, in this approach the puppeteers, although fully visible to the audience, become as transparent as a fourth wall, their puppet-companions drawing all the attention. The puppets can share the space and the action with the audience.

In another of our plays, two beautiful large butterflies flutter over the audience. One of them settles briefly on a child's head. The child's eyes light up. Soon other children are patiently offering their fingers as perches.

Children and adults love sharing direct contact with puppets, occupying the same sphere of action. They may even get to manipulate a puppet or a prop as a part of the show. Our stories take on a life of their own, and we, the puppeteers, frequently learn insights and tricks from these interactions.


Hire us for your group, join a workshop, or even become a puppeteer!

Contact Sue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Annerose at 519-846-8123 for more information.



Puppets Elora thanks:


UNIMA NA Trillium Foundation
Ontario Puppetry Association Elora Arts Council

Giant and boy

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